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Retail and e-commerce businesses are most affected by the rapid changes in the market trends, facing complex challenges, because of unsteady consumer behaviour.

Furthermore, once the online shopping channels appeared, the global retail market was completely realigned and businesses had to become not only better, but also faster in order to remain competitive. We provide retailers around the glove with a range of supply chain services that help businesses grow and move forward in the fast paced environment. From end to end solutions to final mile delivers, BTi Logistics offers flawless architecting of the supply chain.

We can not only design and develop your supply chain with accuracy and suitability for exact needs, but also manage and optimize it through fast and cost effective solutions, both in terms of transportation and in terms of packaging. Having acknowledged the essentiality of global focus within the retail industry, we offer visibility, stability and adaptability, helping retailers better manage sourcing and purchase orders, distribution centres and, finally, market delivery. It doesn’t matter if you own a small boutique or a large retail store, we have the perfect solution for you and we have the necessary experience and expertise to create bespoke solutions.

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