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Quarantine Fees During Christmas Period

We have been advised that the Department of Agriculture will apply specific increased fees and charges of the Christmas and New Year period. 

It should be noted that overtime rates will be applied for any transactions that are performed during the period 27 December to 31 December of each year. This period is considered as a Departmental holiday.


Any inspections, or AIMS entries required to be processed during this period will attract the normal fee for service, plus overtime of $288 per service provided. 


In addition on other issues the Department has  also confirmed that in accordance withSection 8.6 of the Guidelines, reprints of directions involving a change to the direction will incur a $40.00 per quarter hour unit fee from the 25th of November 2014. Where a reprint of a direction occurs during the Departmental holiday period, the fee will be $40.00 plus $288.00.


For further information on these charges, please speak with a member of our customer service team.