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At BTi, we understand the importance of getting your goods cleared through customs promptly and smoothly.

Global marketplaces are expanding and if you want to remain competitive within the current market, you need to be able to move goods quickly and in a cost effective manner. Freight forwarding services can help you achieve that, but in order to ensure fluidity of your cargo, you will also need to ensure customs clearance and compliance matters are handled professionally and in a timely manner. That is why we have the very best customs clearance consultants in-house and at your service. Our team is fully versed in all customs requirements, including legislative liability and regulations.

From thoroughly preparing import and export customs documentation in a timely manner to arranging payment for duty and taxes, our customs consultants will be with you every step of the way. Supply chain solutions imply a wide range of elements and address many issues, customs brokerage being a critical part of them. Having your goods arrive to destination in a timely manner is essential for effective and successful business operations, which is why customs clearance needs to be an integrated part of your supply chain solution, so that you don’t experience any unnecessary delays that can hurt your business. With our expert customs brokerage services and consultancy, you can rest assured that your cargo will comply with customs requirements without any deferment or unforeseen setbacks.

BTi Logistics provides a wide range of services for customs brokerage, including:

  • Consultancy Services
  • Tariff classification Advice
  • Valuation Advice
  • Duty Drawback Advice
  • Free Trade Agreement Advice
  • Temporary Imports, Carnets and Securities
  • Quarantine Clearance
  • Quarantine Import Permit Application
  • Anti-dumping Advice
  • Tariff Concession Order Advice
  • Import Licensing Advice
  • Refund & Remission Application
  • Underbond Movement & STP Application
  • Intellectual Properties Advice
  • Duty Preference Claim
  • Vehicle Importation Advice
  • Tradex Order Advice
  • Luxury Car Tax calculation
  • Wine Equalisation Tax calculation
  • Food Importation Advice
  • Treatment & Fumigation Advice


Customs brokerage and compliance is a critical link in the supply chain of any global operating business, so make sure you keep everything under control by engaging with the services of our expert customs consultants at BTi Logistics. With vast experience in the field and deep knowledge of laws and regulations across the world, we will be able to provide with custom tailored solutions for your specific business needs.