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For more than 25 years, BTi Logistics has provided Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions to Australia and the World.

BTi Logistics is a fully integrated logistical service provider offering warehousing & distribution, bonded and general cargo storage solutions, customs brokerage, freight forwarding and more.

We specialise in offering smarter logistics solutions to ensure that your company is one step ahead of the competition. Our staff are committed to optimising bespoke supply chain solutions and developing the right efficiencies within your company. By simplifying processes, finding the right access to carriers and capacity, and improving your ability to monitor and track shipment activity, the BTi supply chain engineers create a transportation solution that is lean, efficient, and improves customer satisfaction, keeping your business running at peak performance.

From consumer-facing eCommerce engines to warehousing and container ocean freight, BTi has the expertise needed to create the most effective supply chain. Manage your growing and increasing complexities, and increase your visibility with one easy-to-use, real-time, Web-based management system.

  • We are an Australian Owned and Operated Company
  • We have 25 years of experience
  • We focus on building relationships and providing the best customer service possible
  • We provide 24/7 tracking, allowing full visibility for our customers
  • We are members of TRAC, IATA and CBFCA


Our mission is to provide simplified and cost effective supply chain solutions for our customers. Our focus is on people and the relationships that we build, within our own organisation and with our customers and partners.


Our vision is to continue our growth from a traditional freight forwarder, to a fully integrated logistical service provider while staying true to our values and high levels of service.


Focus on the ‘ility’

Visibility: An honest approach. Providing customers with transparency throughout the entire process.
Stability: A stable environment. Providing the best possible environment for our staff, so we can focus on you.
Adaptability: Everyone is different. Being adaptable, listening and creating bespoke solutions.
Serviceability: Being the best at what we do. Providing world class service and solutions. For more information on our ‘Values’ please speak with one of our consultants.