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Third party warehouse? Why should I pay someone else?

Why should I pay someone else to manage my supply chain?

The notion of handing control over your product(s) to another party is a strange one. You’ve developed, manufactured and grown your products, so naturally you want to be the one to handle the logistics in order to see your product reach its destination. Whilst this is a possibility and can work in many cases, it is known that logistics can be the hero or the villain of your show.

Managing your own logistics does have its benefits:

  • You have full visibility and management over the handling of your product
  • It appears to be a cheaper option when comparing to the alternative
  • It can be as flexible as you make it

On the flip side, it can have a negative impact on a growing business:

  • Increasing space requirements, resulting in increased rental cost
  • Staffing costs and management
  • Building, machinery and maintenance costs
  • Your time

A rapidly growing supply chain requires time and resources, both of which can be invaluable to other areas of an expanding business.

So, what benefits can a third party warehousing solution bring to you?

  • The ability to allocate your time and expertise more effectively
  • Cost savings due to lack of staffing, materials, rental costs, software costs, maintenance costs, machinery and equipment costs

The right third party solution should be treated as an extension to your business. Through using the right provider, you can gain access to:

  • The latest warehousing management system technology and ecommerce integration
  • 24/7 visibility of your supply chain
  • Lower costs due to leveraging a third parties buying power and resources

Choosing the right partner is essential to maximising the potential growth opportunities.

BTi Logistics is an Australian owned 3PL. Our 8,500sqm warehousing and distribution facility in Melbourne handles a diverse range of palletised and unpalletised freight. We offer a full suite of warehousing services including full pick and pack, ecommerce integration and distribution. You can find more information about our warehousing services here.